Welcome to Veggie Garden!

A family owned business which…Cindy started because she wanted to share her experience of vegan/vegetarian food being a life changer. In 1993, Cindy went to a doctor to treat hives and was given medicine which treated the hives but made her so tired all the time. She couldn’t do her daily activities. She decided to quit the medication and change her diet instead.

Cindy’s family had been eating vegan food four days each month as part of their Buddhist religion. She ate vegan food for a month straight to treat the hives, and it worked! She has continued to eat vegan food through today and has had very good health.

In her spare times, Cindy enjoys going to the Buddhist Temple to learn Dharma, chanting, meditation and great vegan recipes from Buddhist Monks and Nuns. With good virtues and support from the Monks and Nuns, Cindy decided to open this Veggie Garden in October 2013.

We are passionate serving you the finest Vietnamese Vegan Cuisine in Orlando! Our menu features a delicious soup broth utilizing over eight kinds of fresh vegetables and fruit. We also offer authentic recipes for our delicious combination rice plates which consist of steamed white rice and a choice of one to three entrees with a small bowl of vegetable broth. Whether you’re looking to sit down for a quick bite or picking up food to satisfy the entire family, this is a yummy and wholesome food experience that you’ll want to enjoy from time to time again!

Imagine enjoying a hot, steamy bowl of Phở or any noodle soup in just 5 minutes!

A good healthy place to eat with fast service at East Colonial Town in Orlando!